Janakalyan Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

[ An Urban Credit Co-operative Society (UCC) ]

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Daily Deposit Plan

Daily Deposit Scheme (DD)

If Daily Deposit Amount is 100/-
Plan & Duration Interest Rate Maturity Amount
DRD-180 4 18176
DRD-360 4.5 36795
DRD-540 6 56400
DRD-720 6.75 76851
DRD-1080 7.5 120438
Terms & Conditions :

(1) Interest rates effective from April 01, 2017

(2) Minimum DD would be of Rs.20/-and further in multiple of Rs.10/-

(3) Interest will be calculated yearly via compound interest.

(4) Collection will be done only office working days in a month.

(5) Defaulters will be charged at the rate Rs. 2% per month per instalment.

(6) Members can premature this deposit as per following rules:-

     * DD for 90 to 360 Days:- The member can not permitted prematurity.

     * DD For 540 to 720 Days:- The member can get prematurity after 360 days.

     * DD For 1080 Days:- The member can get prematurity after 540 days.

     * 2% will be deduct for Pre-maturity on receivable total according this time.

(7) The maturity amount will be transferred to Saving Account within 15 days. 

(8) Loan available up to 80% of deposit amount. After receipt of 12 instalments.

     * The facility of premature payment or loan against deposits is not available for irregular accounts.