Janakalyan Co-operative Credit Society Ltd.

[ An Urban Credit Co-operative Society (UCC) ]

"Add small to make large"

Share Amount plan

Share Amount

Maximun 12% Yearly on Share Amount
Terms & Conditions :

(1) A member can purchase a minimum one share @ Rs. 100/- each.

(2) A member can purchase maximum share of 1/5 of total paid up share capital.

(3) A member can get maximum 12% divident in a year.

(4) A member can request for refund for share money subject to following conditions.

     * He/She has completed 1 year as a member of the society.

     * There should not be outstanding/liabilities in his /her name as debtor/guarantor.

     * There should be no deposits in his/her name, with the society.

(5) Share will be transferred in the name of other member subject to following conditions :-   

     * The member attains the right to transfer Share Money only after he/she has completed 1 year as member of the society.

     * The member has to pay share transfer fee Rs. 10/-.